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Darkroom · Beta

Please read this carefully before requesting access to the Beta.

  • Dear Beta testers, please take the term "Beta" seriously and back up your phone in iTunes before installing. You shouldn't hit any data corruption issues, but until we can guarantee it, please back up on iTunes.
  • Please keep details hidden (don't go sharing any screenshots in public). But if you want to share your excitement, feel free to tell people on social media or something, just keep it general and vague, but exciting obviously.

Once you get to try out the latest features and or improvements, do let us know what you think. Additionally, if you find a regression in this beta, please also report those. To report bugs or feedback, send us an email. Thank you for helping us make Darkroom even better!

That's all we are willing to share publicly for now, once you are granted access we'll spill the beans and you will get to play on the cutting edge.

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