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Make Local Edits with Masks

We are proud to introduce Masks, a powerful and essential tool for photographers. Backed by AI, and designed for mobile.

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Pro-grade tools for everybody

Nondestructive. Make your photos and videos pop using our wide range of powerful nondestructive adjustment tools and filters, knowing you can change them at any time without losing quality.

Award Winning Ease. Apple recognized us with a prestigious 2020 Apple Design Award for outstanding app design, innovation, ingenuity, and technical achievement.

Photos + Videos

4K Video. All management and editing tools work with videos. With every adjustment made in real time videos will feel as lightweight as photos.

(Pro)RAW+JPG Photos. Recover those seemingly lost details, from all the popular DSLR cameras.

Apple Portrait Photos. Separately adjust your fore- and background blur or even brightness.

#darkroomapp community

Many have shared their photos with our #darkroomapp hashtag. Take a look around the world and see what amazing photos the community has created with our creative toolset.

A full-featured tool collection

Darkroom brings a rich editing experience anywhere you need it, your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With our powerful, nondestructive adjustments tools we let you edit your photos in any way you want. Expand you creative options with our premium Darkroom+ features.

Discover Darkroom+


Make Local Manual and AI-powered Adjustments with Masks


Video Processing

Adjust and export your 4K video creations in a selection of formats.


Flag & Reject

Manage your ever growing photo library with review actions.


Curves Tool

Our heart and soul. Achieve any look with just a few swipes.


Selective Color

Control your color channels, even for black and white shots.


Premium Filters

Get started with our collection of carefully handcrafted filters.


No Import

Built on top of iCloud Photos, all your photos are already waiting.

Batch Processing

Copy edits you love, and simply paste them to a whole batch.

Album Management

Organize all your photos by using Albums and Folders.

Manage your Filters

Easily favorite, hide, reorder, and rename your filters.

Copy & Paste

Control what category of edits you want to copy and paste.

Custom App Icon

Have some fun and change up your home screen to your liking.

Custom Filters

Turn any adjustments across tools into your own filters, and manage them with ease.

Crop & Perspective

Perfect your composition, crop presicely, adjust perspective.

Smart Color Frames

Colorfully frame your shots. Or quickly export for you stories.

Shortcut Automation

Processes, crop, frame, & watermark photos in your Shortcut.


Smoothen or sharpen the smalles of details in your photos.

iPhone, iPad & Mac

View, edit and manage your photos on all your devices with the same familiar ease.

Perfectly Adjust

Grain, Black & white point, ProRAW Tone Map, Vignette, RAW exposure...


Objectively yet easily spot and fix exposure and color issues.

And more...

Custom App Icon, History, Hash tags Manager, Siri Shortcuts, meta data tool...

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