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📱 The iPhone is the most important shift in photography since the advent of the digital camera. Help us build the tools for this new era.

We are a small team of photographers, designers and developers who love working on creative tools. We are building an independent business that is honest about its commitments, and a place for creative engineers to thrive.

By being bootstrapped, our incentives are aligned with the photographers we are trying to serve, not with investors who want a big return.

By focusing on real problems faced by real people, we’ve been able to thrive and offer market-rate salaries.

By holding ourselves to the highest standards, we’ve been recognized by Apple with an Apple Design Award, Best of the App Store, App of the Day, Editor’s Choice, and more.

We are constantly trying to improve our infrastructure and keep it fresh and up to date so we can maintain our position at the forefront of Apple’s technologies.

You should apply for a job if…

  • You love mobile photography and think it’s at the center of how we will creatively express ourselves as people, friends, artists, and professionals in the future.
  • You believe the tools we use have a big impact on the art we create.
  • You are a generalist, and want to work somewhere that won’t pigeonhole you into one specific role.
  • You have an eye for design and don’t want every detail spelled out for you. In fact, you want to be a part of the whole creative process.
  • You want to be involved in the entire product development process from conception, to iteration, to development, to release and maintenance.
  • You are confident in your ability to work independently, manage your own deadlines, and want the freedom and responsibility to do that.

We will provide…

  • Become part of the conversation. Everything we discuss in the company is open for your contribution. From the business, to the product, to the way we run the company.
  • A professional, no-drama, product-focused work environment.
  • Market rate salary.
  • A flexible paid-time-off policy (At a minimum, we all take multiple weeks off for summer holiday and around Christmas).
  • Bi-annual week long company all-hands (All expenses paid trip to meet and work with your coworkers in one place, somewhere around the world).
  • Profit sharing (We're growing very quickly and need your help to maintain our growth and share in that reward).

We expect you to…

  • Be able to write and express yourself clearly in English.
  • Be available for a few hours during the work week to overlap with our teams in Los Angeles and Amsterdam (Early morning PST, early evening CET).
  • Be able to independently and pro-actively manage your workload, and manage expectations.

Importantly, we are currently missing the voices of more diverse people who could make our company even better. We highly encourage people from traditionally underrepresented groups to apply for our open positions. We value an environment that empowers individuality, empathy, and innovation, and we’re looking forward to what you’ll bring to the table.

If this all sounds like the kind of work you're looking forward to and you see yourself in one of our job openings below, please apply!

We look forward to talking to you.

Job 1: Senior Systems Architect

We're looking for someone to help us grow Darkroom into a platform for photographers to create and share their work. We operate in a highly optimized concurrent environment, across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The person in this role loves thinking about systems and architectures, and can describe them and build them effectively.


  • Model/Architect/Build new features.
  • Experience with Core Data or other persistence databases is a strong benefit.
  • Can build frameworks/systems effectively.
  • Able to design high quality & concise APIs.
  • Comfortable integrating themselves and their work into existing complex systems.
  • Maintain and update our existing infrastructure.
  • Comfortable working in highly concurrent & asynchronous systems.
  • Equally good with Objective C and Swift.
  • Abstract thinker.
  • Able to take a generic high level problem, come up with a specific solution, clearly present it, and lead implementation of it.
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Job 2: iOS Specialist

Building an Apple Design Award-winning app across iPhone, iPad, and the Mac requires passion for design and experience and a deep attention to detail. We are looking for someone to help us build our expanding product as we add depth and richness to the Darkroom experience, while maintaining our ultra high bar for usability, design, and experience.


  • Able to deliver consistently good, readable and maintainable code.
  • Strong familiarity with UIKit.
  • Able to write testable code.
  • Has an eye for UI and UX details, and an eagerness to build polished, beautiful interfaces.
  • Can come up and suggest their own solutions to technical problems.
  • Has experience building internal infrastructure and tooling.
  • Is willing to learn new topics, isn't afraid of image processing.
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