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Capitola572 Installs, 727 Exports
Give your shots a little west coast beach look, bright vibe, bold water and skies.
Glass PopBeforeAfter
Glass Pop738 Installs, 3647 Exports
A warm and colorfull preset by our friends at Glass that will give your shots a pop.
MA100447 Installs, 1542 Exports
Vibrant vinatge look, giving your shots a bright and colorful feel.
MT100415 Installs, 971 Exports
Warm summer summer look, with red tones and punchy shadows.
MT200490 Installs, 311 Exports
Moody colors and a subtle contras bump, emulating the VSCO A9 preset.
Create and share your custom presets

Create and share your custom presets

Craft your unique look, and have your shots look consistantly amazing in a snap. Share your presets with your friends and the world. Or apply your presets with just one tap, with batch and automation, zip through whole shoots.

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Manage and curate your presets

Make the presets that you use all the time front and center in the preset tool. Favorite, reorder, and hide preset groups to optimize your library for that extra bit of efficiency in your editing workflow.

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Manage and curate your presets

Bundled Premium Packs

Darkroom comes with 8 packs of Darkroom+ presets for your photos and videos. With these 39 presets, you can easily emulate analog film, apply vintage and cinematic looks, and enhance your portraiture or landscape photos.

Darkroom Preset Set
  • A100
  • A110
  • A200
  • A210
  • B100
  • B200
  • T100
  • L100
  • L200
  • P100
  • P200
  • M100
Darkroom • Free
A broad selection of free presets curated from our premium sets. Including XPRO (crossed processed), Black and White, Landscape, Portrait, and others.
Darkroom Cinematic Preset Set
  • C100
  • C200
  • C300
  • C400
  • C500
Cinematic • Darkroom+
Inspired by the contemporary ‘teal and orange’ big movie look. Emphasizing skin tones and color contrasts between warmer and cooler tones.
Darkroom Instant Preset Set
  • I100
  • I150
  • I200
  • I250
  • I300
  • I400
  • I450
Instant • Darkroom+
Instant presets emulate the nostalgic look of classic instant film (polaroid) with their shifted and faded colors and crushed shadows.
Darkroom Cross Processed Preset Set
  • A120
  • A310
  • A320
  • A330
  • A400
XPRO • Darkroom+
Cross Processed is inspired by the analog experimantal process of using the wrong checmicals. Creating interesting color shifts and increased contrast.
Darkroom Landscape Preset Set
  • L110
  • L210
  • L220
  • L230
  • L400
Landscape • Darkroom+
Boost colors and bring out details in photographs of nature, for the blue sky, the green grass, and the yellow sand. Custom-made for an eye-catching look.
Darkroom Portrait Preset Set
  • P110
  • P120
  • P300
  • P310
  • P400
Portrait • Darkroom+
Tailor-made prsets to add punch and emotion to skin tones specifically. Perfect for those who want that extra boost of color and vibrance in their portrait photos.
Darkroom Black and White Preset Set
  • B110
  • B120
  • B210
  • B400
  • B410
B&W • Darkroom+
Based on classic analog black and white films, these presets mix film-style grain and increased contrast. Great for adding a dramatic and striking look.

What are these preset names? The letter (C) represents the set name (Cinematic). The first number represents the main varaint (C100), the second number a subtler or stronger subvariant (C110).

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