Darkroom+ is our membership that provides access to the growing bundle of premium features in Darkroom.

Darkroom+ Masks

Local Adjustments with AI backed Masks

With Masks you can enhance the lighting in an area of your photo or easily separate a subject from its background to direct the viewer’s eye, helping you tell a more compelling story.

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Video Export

Videos in Darkroom feel as lightweight as photos. They animate, zoom, crop, autoplay and loop, and every edit is made in realtime. Adjust, process and export your 4K video creations in a selection of formats.

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Darkroom+ Video
Darkroom+ Flag & Reject

Flag & Reject

Efficiently cull your ever growing photo library with the Flag and Reject review actions: Flag what you’re interested in, Reject what you don’t want to keep. You’ll automatically advance to the next photo so you can get in the zone and zoom through your latest shots.

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For a more explicit form of online protection and clear attribution, set a text or image watermark, and control its size, location, opacity, typeface, and even color.

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Darkroom+ Watermark
Darkroom+ Custom App Icons

Customize Your App Icon

It doesn’t hurt to have a bit of fun now and then and customize your home screen. Pick from our historic brand update favorites or special edition variants of our famed app icon.

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Curves Tool

Achieve any look with just a few targeted swipes on our easy to use RGB curves. Adjust just your global RGB shadows or mid tones, or tweak them in just your Red channel.

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Darkroom+ Curves
Darkroom+ Color

Color Tool

Adjust the tone of individual colors your photo, even when you turn your photo black and white.

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Premium Presets

Have your shots look amazing in a snap. Get started with our collection of 39 profesionnaly crafted preset.

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Darkroom+ Premium Presets
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