Darkroom+ is our membership that provides access to the growing bundle of premium features in Darkroom.

Darkroom+ Color Grading

Color Grading

Adjust the tone of your photos or videos to match your style. Make subtle or bold changes to the color, saturation, and luminosity with ease to the highlights, mid-tones and shadows.

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Local Adjustments with AI backed Masks

With Masks you can enhance the lighting in an area of your photo or easily separate a subject from its background to direct the viewer's eye, helping you tell a more compelling story.

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Darkroom+ Masks
Darkroom+ Video

Video Export

Videos in Darkroom feel as lightweight as photos. They animate, zoom, crop, autoplay and loop, and every edit is made in real-time. Adjust, process and export your 4K video creations in a selection of formats.

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Flag & Reject

Efficiently cull your ever-growing photo library with the flag and reject review actions: flag what you're interested in, reject what you don't want to keep. You'll automatically advance to the next photo, so you can get in the zone and zoom through your latest shots.

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Darkroom+ Flag & Reject
Darkroom+ Watermark


For a more explicit form of online protection and clear attribution, set a text or image watermark, and control its size, location, opacity, typeface, and even color.

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Customize Your App Icon

It doesn't hurt to have a bit of fun now and then and customize your home screen. Pick from our historic brand update favorites or special edition variants of our famed app icon.

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Darkroom+ Custom App Icons
Darkroom+ Curves

Curves Tool

Achieve any look with just a few targeted swipes on our easy to use RGB curves. Adjust just your global RGB shadows or mid-tones, or tweak them in just the Red channel.

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Color Tool

Adjust the tone of individual colors in your photos, even when you turn them black and white.

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Darkroom+ Color

Bundled Premium Presets

Darkroom comes with 8 sets of Darkroom+ presets for your photos and videos. With these 39 presets, you can easily emulate analog film, apply vintage and cinematic looks, and enhance your portraiture or landscape photos.

Darkroom Preset Set
  • A100
  • A110
  • A200
  • A210
  • B100
  • B200
  • T100
  • L100
  • L200
  • P100
  • P200
  • M100
Darkroom • Free
A broad selection of free presets curated from our premium sets. Including XPRO (crossed processed), Black and White, Landscape, Portrait, and others.
Darkroom Cinematic Preset Set
  • C100
  • C200
  • C300
  • C400
  • C500
Cinematic • Darkroom+
Inspired by the contemporary ‘teal and orange’ big movie look. Emphasizing skin tones and color contrasts between warmer and cooler tones.
Darkroom Instant Preset Set
  • I100
  • I150
  • I200
  • I250
  • I300
  • I400
  • I450
Instant • Darkroom+
Instant presets emulate the nostalgic look of classic instant film (polaroid) with their shifted and faded colors and crushed shadows.
Darkroom Cross Processed Preset Set
  • A120
  • A310
  • A320
  • A330
  • A400
XPRO • Darkroom+
Cross Processed is inspired by the analog experimental process of using the wrong chemicals. Creating interesting color shifts and increased contrast.
Darkroom Landscape Preset Set
  • L110
  • L210
  • L220
  • L230
  • L400
Landscape • Darkroom+
Boost colors and bring out details in photographs of nature, for the blue sky, the green grass, and the yellow sand. Custom-made for an eye-catching look.
Darkroom Portrait Preset Set
  • P110
  • P120
  • P300
  • P310
  • P400
Portrait • Darkroom+
Tailor-made presets to add punch and emotion to skin tones specifically. Perfect for those who want that extra boost of color and vibrance in their portrait photos.
Darkroom Black and White Preset Set
  • B110
  • B120
  • B210
  • B400
  • B410
B&W • Darkroom+
Based on classic analog black and white films, these presets mix film-style grain and increased contrast. Great for adding a dramatic and striking look.

What are these preset names? The letter (C) represents the set name (Cinematic). The first number represents the main variant (C100), the second number a subtler or stronger subvariant (C110).

Affordable Memberships

Go premium with Darkroom+ and enjoy full creative control while editing.


Try all premium Darkroom+ features with export restrictions. Use many quality features for free.



Subscription that unlocks all tools for just $4.99 per month, trial not included. Share Darkroom+ with your family.



Subscription that unlocks all tools for just $32.99 per year after a free 7-day trial. Share Darkroom+ with your family.


One Time

A one time purchase that's only $74.99 for a lifetime of full access to Darkroom+. Limited family sharing.


Note: When you sign up for a trial and you don't want to continue with the subscription, make sure to cancel it at least 24 hours before the trial ends. If you do it later, Apple may charge you the full subscription fee. Prices may vary depending on your country or region. You can manage or cancel your subscription in App Store account settings.

Questions? Answers.

Can I use my Darkroom+ membership across my Apple devices?

Yes! Once you paid to access Darkroom+ on one device, you can use it on any number of your other iPhone, iPad or Mac. You don't have to purchase or subscribe to Darkroom+ multiple times. You do have to make sure to login on all devices using the same App Store account you used to make the purchase.

If you have iCloud Keychain turned on, your devices will share access to your unlocked premium features automatically.

Alternatively, in the app go to Settings at the left top of the photo grid. Once in Settings tap the 'Already made a purchase?' option and all your previous purchases should be fully restored.

What does a Darkroom+ membership cost?

Prices vary per country, but the prices for the United States are $32.99 for our yearly membership, $4.99 for our monthly membership, or $74.99 for our one-time lifetime membership. We recommend going to our app store page to see the exact pricing in your country.

All Darkroom+ membership options, including the one time purchase option, unlock all features now and moving forward.

Note: Occasionally we do pricing tests to have an up-to-date understanding of what people think Darkroom is worth. If we ever make a structural pricing change that affects existing customers, we will clearly communicate that.

money, expensive
Can I try Darkroom+ without a subscription trial?

Yes, you can. Darkroom is a free app, and a lot of the features we provide are fully free and unrestricted to use. You can even use all our Darkroom+ features without any trial or purchase, you just won't be able to export when you do use our premium Darkroom+ membership features. To export with Darkroom+ features, we do provide a trial.

How do I restore a Darkroom+ membership, on a new device?

If you have iCloud Keychain turned on, your devices will share access to your unlocked premium membership features automatically.

If that doesn't work in Darkroom, go to Settings, you can find the option at the left top of the photo grid. Once in Settings tap the 'Already made a purchase?' option and all your previous purchases will be fully restored.

If that doesn't work you might want to make sure you are using the same App Store account as you made the original purchase with. You can also try and logout of the Apple App Store, and then log back in. You can also check to see the status of the App Store, and other services on Apple's System Status page.

Can I use App Store Family Sharing with Darkroom+?

Yes. We have enabled family sharing for all our membership options. You can read more about App Store Family Sharing at Apple Support. Specifically, make sure to turn on Purchase Sharing in the Family Sharing settings.

Important: Apple restricts the number of devices that can share in-app purchases such as our Darkroom+ Forever or legacy membership. The limit is approximately 10 devices, which may be important for families considering the average number of devices in a household.

Make sure to check how many devices are using a Family Sharing account, each family member needs to review their devices individually in the Apple ID settings. There isn't a centralized feature to view all devices using shared in-app purchases.

When you using our subscription membership options you will not have such limitations.

I don't like subscriptions, can I just buy Darkroom+?

Yes, you can. We know some people prefer outright buying access to their software, instead of using a subscription. As such, our Darkroom+ membership is also available as a one time (forever) purchase, and not only available as a subscription but. The only difference is the cost, which is higher upfront. You can find it in the app anytime it says 'try Darkroom+', you will have to make sure to tap 'show all purchase options' to see the forever purchase option.

The discount I was offered in the app didn't work!

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We do occasionally run seasonal promotions, which we announce both in the app and across our social media channels. If ran into any issues please contact us and we will make sure to help you out.

Do you have any discount promo code?

We generally don't provide discount, promo, or offer codes for educational, institutional, or other purposes. We do occasionally run seasonal promotions, which we announce both in the app and across our social media channels.

Can I switch from a Darkroom+ subscription to the forever purchase?

Yes you can. First, you will have to cancel your currently running subscription. For which the instruction can be found below. Then, let it lapse. Once the subscription period has lapsed, you can go to settings in the app and make a new purchase.

How do I cancel my Darkroom+ trial?Link

You can cancel your Darkroom+ trial at any time. You can do so yourself on your App Store account. There you will find the option to cancel your Darkroom+ trial subscription. You can also find the instructions at Apple's User Guide.

Can I cancel a Darkroom+ subscription, or get a refund?

You can stop or cancel your subscription yourself on your App Store account.

For a Forever purchase, Apple handles all sales and therefore also all refunds. Follow their instructions at Apple Support.

What is a legacy purchase?

The legacy purchase provided access to limited features for a one-time fee until February 2020. Since then, Darkroom has moved to the Darkroom+ membership, with more features. Legacy customers have access to limited Darkroom+ features introduced prior to 2022. Learn more by heading to our dedicated Legacy Purchase page.

If you have any other questions, please head over to our Help Center.

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