All our new features, fixes & improvements. Thank you, to everybody whom has reported issues, and suggested features on our suggestion board!


Darkroom 6.0.9

October 4 '22


  • Fixed seams or lines showing when editing or exporting a portrait photo with a subject mask.
  • Fixed a common crash caused by a memory leak during long usage sessions.
  • Improved performance when navigating from photo to photo.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Grain app icon variant showing black along the edges.
  • Fixed layout regressions on several devices.
  • Removed the “Hidden” smart album on latest version of iOS, as it is no longer supported.
  • Removed the ability to tap the “LIVE” photo badge to play back video from a Live Photo.
  • Fixed a minor layout issue for the Mac Preferences window.
  • Improved Mac window resizing performance in the library.

Darkroom 6.0.8

August 20 '22


  • Fixed a bug wherein the trial prompt appeared when not using any premium features.

Darkroom 6.0.7

August 18 '22


  • Added mirroring support for external displays and Airplay, for your iPad and iPhone.
  • Added scroll-to-top support when tapping on the header on iPhone when in an album.
  • Moved Selective Copy & Paste Options
    • We added an explicit option on all devices to access "Copy Edits Selectively" from the photo action menu (•••), as an additional option next to "Copy Edits".
    • On iPad and iPhone you now have to tap-and-hold the Copy option in the History tool to show the Copy Options.
    • On iPad and Mac we updated the keyboard shortcust, C (command + C) performs simple copy, and C (command + shift + C) performs selective copy.
  • Added the camera make and model to the metadata viewer.
  • Updated the Batch bar showing the Unhide option (instead of the Hide option) in the Hidden album.
  • Fixed image previews showing positioned above or below from where the should be when swiping between photos.
  • Fixed the paywall on Mac not closing on a succesful purchase restore.
  • Fixed a minor layout issue with the Masks bar.
  • Fixed a top crash.

Darkroom 6.0.6

July 16 '22


  • Fixed a bug causing paywall to pop up to existing Darkroom+ users on export.

Darkroom 6.0.5

July 12 '22


  • Fixed an issue with crop being applied twice in certain edge cases.
  • Fixed the bug causing the original unedited photo to be shown in the wrong dimensions, after being cropped.
  • Fixed a cropped image sometimes showing at un-cropped dimensions, causing the image to be stretched.
  • Fixed cropped and exported image appearing stretched when starting editing, until you move a slider.
  • Fixed exporting from the library not properly marking photo as exported.
  • Fixed the progress indicator at times hiding too soon, making it appear as if the crop/transform tool was unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue that would result in restored edits not being applied.
  • Added the Depth Range mask in the new iPhone quick mask options bar.
  • Fixed the bug causing the quick mask options to appear unintentionally when scrolling down.
  • Fixed some minor layout issues with the Masks control bar.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in Darkroom occasionally crashing while running in the background.

Darkroom 6.0.4

June 27 '22


  • On iPhone you can now create masks quicker without having to open the “+” menu, using the new quick mask bar.
  • Masks can now be duplicated, from the mask actions. Note, this doesn’t duplicate the edits, only the mask properties.
  • Fixed a bug that appeared on iOS 15.5 where the background of the photo preview had a light yellow tint in light mode, and a dark green tint in dark mode.
  • Fixed several bugs where edits would be reset if you where viewing the original unedited version of a photo.
  • Fixed several Portrait photo and Depth mask released crashes and bugs.
  • Fixed Live Photos exporting without mask adjustments.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur using the frame tool after exporting.

Darkroom 6.0.3

May 18 '22


  • Loading photos and smart masks is faster.
  • Fixed an issue where some edits where not being applied when exporting a photo from batch actions or photo action menu.
  • We also fixed exposure and brightness edits on RAW photos not exporting when batch applies using selective copy/paste.
  • Fixed an issues that would cause the histogram to not consistently show and hide when it should.
  • The red mask overlay is now properly positioned after adjusting perspective and or orientation.
  • Fixed the file type badge staying visible when it should be hidden when also hiding the interface.


  • Fixed an error when exporting using HEIF on iOS 14.
  • Fixed a top crasher.
  • Fixed aspect crop being lost when naivigating to another photo.
  • Fixed showing origina in the Transformm tool causing all edits to be cleared.
  • Fixed an issue where frames would not be added in the expected color on export when inset is set on export.

Darkroom 6.0.1

April 22 '22


  • Fixed a bug causing luminance and hue range masks to affect unexpected areas of the photo.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen when dismissing mask editing or deleting a mask.
  • Fixed a bug with Filters where intensity level would not affect mask edits.
  • Improved the experience and performance of moving and resizing radial and linear masks.
  • Fixed luminance range masks not affecting expected areas when editing videos.
  • Fixed a bug causing the app to crash while editing masks, often happening when changing the feather of a radial mask.
  • Fixed an issue causing the app to crash while dragging some mask controls.
  • Fixed an issue that caused synced edits not to be retrieve when using Masks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused crop handles on the Mac to sometimes unresponsive.
Filter Management

Make Local Adjustments with Masks

Masks are a fundamental tool for photographers, and Darkroom is proud to introduce them in a powerful package, backed by AI, and designed for mobile photographers as part of Darkroom+. With masks, you can enhance the lighting in a photo or separate a subject from its background to direct the viewer’s eye, thereby telling a more compelling story.

  • AI-powered masks generate a 3D map of the scene in your photo, allowing you to edit the primary subject, foreground, background, and any range in-between.
  • Smart Masks intelligently single out the subject, sky, hair, glasses, skin or teeth when editing Portrait and ProRAW photos.
  • Gradient & Range masks are the standard mask types and can be combined to create pixel-perfect selections that single-out an object or a region of your photo.
  • Videos also support masks with realtime 4K playback, adding another tool to your storytelling tool belt.
  • Copy & Paste Options allow you to select which edits you want to paste onto other photos. Now you can apply any combination of adjustments, aspect ratio, frames and masks to an entire photoshoot.