Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and iPad

You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly and efficiently accomplish many tasks in Darkroom. To use a keyboard shortcut, make sure to press all the keys in the shortcut at the same time.

View and Navigate
Open PhotoSpace or Enter
Back to LibraryG or Space or Enter
Go to Next Photo
Go to Previous Photo
Play Pause VideoOption + Space
Show Original Photo (without edits)forward slash /
Toggle Photo StripS
Toggle ChromeShift + F
Toggle Tool InterfaceT
Zoom InCommand + +
Zoom OutCommand + -
Zoom to FitCommand + 1
Zoom to Actual SizeCommand + 0
Zoom to MaximumZ
Edit a Photo
Toggle Batch (iPad only)B
Copy EditsCommand + C
Paste EditsCommand + V
Reset EditsR
Toggle FavoriteF
Toggle FavoriteP
Toggle Favorite and AdvanceShift + P
Toggle FlaggedX
Toggle Flagged and AdvanceShift + X
Toggle HiddenH
Rotate ClockwiseCommand + R
Rotate Counter ClockwiseOption + Command + R
Flip HorizontallyShift + Command + F
Open Metadata ToolCommand + I
Open Transform Tool1
Open Preset Tool2
Open Adjustments Tool3
Open Curves Tool4
Open Color Tool5
Open Color Grading Tool6
Open Frame Tool7
Open History Tool8
Next PresetJ
Previous PresetK
Increase Preset Strengthperiod .
Decrease Preset Strengthcomma ,
Library Managment
Export Selected...E
New Album...Shift + A
New Album with Selected Photo(s)...Option + A
New Folder...Option + Shift + A
Add to AlbumA
Show RecentsCommand + 1
Show FavoritesCommand + 2
Show EditedCommand + 3
Show ImportedCommand + 4
Search Albums & FoldersCommand + F
Show Photo in RecentsCommand + J
Remove from AlbumBackspace
DeleteCommand + Backspace
Delete All RejectedShift + Command + Backspace