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E117,588 Exports, 3,469 Installs
Add warmth, color, and film vibes in a single tap with this emulation of the E1 filter in VSCO by Brandon Lee
🎞️A5,129 Exports, 887 Installs
A saturated, warm, and grainy look that will give your shots a vintage feel.
Golden4,789 Exports, 826 Installs
Vice4,226 Exports, 1,036 Installs
Clean PlateOriginal
Clean Plate3,915 Exports, 379 Installs
A quick and subtle tune-up for your food photos by Brandon Lee
Verve 1Original
Verve 12,550 Exports, 1,065 Installs
By MyPhotoYear for subway and metro type moody scenes
Palm - LightOriginal
Palm - Light2,022 Exports, 284 Installs
🏠1,951 Exports, 838 Installs
Hozier1,532 Exports, 314 Installs
Asteroid CityOriginal
Asteroid City1,454 Exports, 498 Installs
Inspired by Wes Anderson's recent movie "Asteroid City". By Jeff Dlouhy
🌞1,089 Exports, 646 Installs
MEM1849 Exports, 271 Installs
A heavier and more opinionated vintage film emulation by Brandon Lee
Heart-Shaped SunglassesOriginal
Heart-Shaped Sunglasses843 Exports, 638 Installs
MEM4622 Exports, 190 Installs
Gloriously warm and dusty sunset days by Brandon Lee
MEM3384 Exports, 187 Installs
Light and faded like a cozy pair of jeans from the 80s by Brandon Lee
MEM224 Exports, 87 Installs
Magenta Boogaloo by Brandon Lee