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Darkroom 2.5 Update

Friends, It’s been a while since we last talked. Darkroom 2.4 was released in mid-October of last year. A full explanation for the delay will come later, I’ll keep this post as concise as the update itself. Suffice it to say we’re busy working on the next big update, and early indications are that it’s going to be a very big and awesome update. Can’t wait to share more details with you!

Changes in 2.5:

  • Fixes a bug where photos on 4" devices (iPhone 5, 5S, and 5SE) had the wrong aspect ratio
  • Fixes a bug where the app won’t load on iOS 10 Beta 5
  • Fixes a bug where photos won’t load on iPads
  • Removes the filter sharing option (This was a seldom-used feature that was very expensive when starting up the app)
  • Fixes bugs with loading of URLs in Settings

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