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Haptic Feedback

It’s Monday in Amsterdam! We’re busy here working along the beautiful canals getting fresh bits ready for your consumption. Fresh out the oven:

  • Haptic feedback — We’ve sprinkled haptics throughout the experience where we felt it made sense. Our primary objective was to provide weight and tactility to the app, and we tried to be judicious but generous where it mattered. We think it adds a nice physical dimention to the experience of the app, and hope you like it. Here’s where you can look for it:

  • Sliders: When you hit the minimum and maximum values of the sliders

  • Tools: When you switch tools

  • Navigation: When you expose the tools and hide the tools

  • In-App Notifications: When an alert with a message appears

  • Fix touch responsiveness and behavior of all the sliders — This one is particularly noticeable for those of you who use Darkroom on iPhone SE-sized devices. A couple of sneaky bugs crept into the codebase and caused a lot of erroneous touches as you dragged the sliders. We also improved the layout of Curves and its handles, to improve the accuracy of which region you manipulate.

It’s a small update, but don’t let its size lull you into a sense of idleness. The oven is full, and it’s working overtime!

Talk to you soon!
The Darkroom Team

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