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20 quality Darkroom community presets

We are in awe of the amount and speed at which the Darkroom community of photo editors has created and shared quality presets. Thank you, and please keep it going!

We thought it would be fun and useful to take a look through all the presets that have been shared in the community over the last few weeks since we released preset sharing. Below you will find a pretty incredible collection of highlights we curated for you.

Analog Film

A significant portion of the presets shared have been those that are emulating analog film. Which are tricky ones to get right. We have to say we are super impressed with the quality and faithfulness in which the community has created these presets.

Natura824 Installs, 1539 Exports
By Brandon Lee emulating Fujifilm Natura 160
Fuji CCBeforeAfter
Fuji CC873 Installs, 2434 Exports
By Brandon Lee emulating Fujifilm Classic Chrome
FR4643 Installs, 440 Exports
By Brandon Lee emulating Fujifilm Provia 400X
AV4639 Installs, 605 Exports
By Brandon Lee emulating Agfa Vista 400 film
CPB560 Installs, 2584 Exports
By Brandon Lee emulating Cross Process
KodaChrome 25BeforeAfter
KodaChrome 25670 Installs, 696 Exports
Classic NegativeBeforeAfter
Classic Negative571 Installs, 1903 Exports
By Jonathan Lenzmeier emulating Fujifilm Cross Process
VSCO A9BeforeAfter
VSCO A9658 Installs, 844 Exports
Portra727 Installs, 1102 Exports

We are particularly impressed by the wide selection of faithful film simulation presets that Brandon Lee has created, many of which are listed above. It’s been particularly fun watching him create and share these openly on Twitter. We highly recommend giving him a follow.

Selection of photos by Brandon Lee
Photos by Brandon Lee. Left photo uses 'AV4'. Right photo uses 'CPB'.


We are also seeing an amazing array of original independent presets being created and shared. All will with a completely unique look. What’s awesome to see is with which care and attention to detail these have been made to work amazingly well in a wide set of subjects.

Tatton600 Installs, 2350 Exports
🌞411 Installs, 193 Exports
🏠377 Installs, 279 Exports
Vice371 Installs, 814 Exports
Koji347 Installs, 700 Exports
Heart-Shaped SunglassesBeforeAfter
Heart-Shaped Sunglasses322 Installs, 123 Exports
A Little PunchBeforeAfter
A Little Punch487 Installs, 1752 Exports

We also really like the "Tatton" preset made by Youtuber David Addison, please subscribe to his channel! David says Tatton was designed specifically for Bayer RAW. And works well on properly exposed images with a small exposure range.

Selection of photos by David Addison
Photos by David Addison. All photos are using the preset 'Tatton'

Black and White

Making a shot black and white is not just a matter of turning saturation all the way down. In Darkroom the color and curves tools continue to be applied to the underlying colors before they are desaturated, giving you full control over the underlying color in a black and white photo.

Loomono Profil 200BeforeAfter
Loomono Profil 200588 Installs, 473 Exports
Loomono Profil 400BeforeAfter
Loomono Profil 400538 Installs, 239 Exports
Loomono Profil 800BeforeAfter
Loomono Profil 800492 Installs, 244 Exports
Verve 1BeforeAfter
Verve 1338 Installs, 211 Exports
By MyPhotoYear for subway and metro type moody scenes

Our good friend Maykel Loomans dove head first into creating a wonderful set of black and white presets. Each carefully crafted for specific lighting and camera scenarios. All of which Maykel has detailed in well worth to read twitter thread.

Selection of photos by Maykel Loomans
Photos by Maykel Loomans. Left uses 'Loomon Profil 200'. Right top uses 'Profil 200', and bottom right '800'.

How can you share a preset?

Perhaps you already created a preset you’d like to share? You can do so by selecting the preset you want to share, tap on it again (•••) to view its options and you’ll find the new “Share” button. From the share sheet, you’ll be able to share a link to anyone, whether they have Darkroom installed or not.

Anyone with your link can preview and install your presets with a tap. That’s pretty much it! There are no files to manage, host, download or import. It couldn’t be simpler or more flexible.

We also have this tutorial video for you, explaining how to create and share a preset!

We are super excited to have finally unlocked the many custom presets we know so many of you have created, which you are all finally sharing. We can’t wait to shine a spotlight on the next batch of interesting presets shared over the coming weeks and months. Don't hesitate to tag or message/email us your creations! We truly hope to build a community around presets and our shared love of photo editing.

The Darkroom Team

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