Alternate Mac App Icons

Follow the below instructions to change things up. We wish we could have made it as easy as in our iPhone and iPad apps, unfortunately we couldn't on Mac. At least it is possible!

  1. Right-click on any of the App Icons below to get the context menu and use Copy Image.
  2. Open Finder and navigate to Applications, or right-click on the dock icon and choose Options Show in Finder.
  3. Select the Darkroom app icon and use the ⌘ (command) I keyboard shortcut, or right-click and choose Get Info.
  4. Click the small thumbnail of the current app icon in the Info window at the top left.
  5. Use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ (command) V to paste in the new icon.
  6. Quit and reopen Darkroom to have the changes take effect in the Dock and Finder.

If you happen to know your way around a design tool you could also download our Darkroom icon template to see what you can come up with yourself.

Darkroom 6 StarsStars
Darkroom 6 LightLight
Darkroom 6 ChromeChrome
Darkroom 6 LightspeedLightspeed
Darkroom 6 AtmoAtmo
Darkroom 6 GrainGrain
Darkroom 6 VisionVision
Darkroom 6 SpectrumSpectrum
Darkroom 6 StealthStealth
Darkroom 6 SpringSpring
Darkroom 6 SummerSummer
Darkroom 6 WinterWinter
Darkroom 6 ExplorerExplorer
Darkroom 6 FallFall
Darkroom 6 SunsetSunset
Darkroom 6 SafelightSafelight
Darkroom 6 Point CloudPoint Cloud
Darkroom 6 DoodleDoodle
Darkroom 6 Red DotRed Dot
Darkroom 6 HighlightHighlight
Darkroom 6 MacintoshMacintosh
Darkroom 6 ShadowShadow
Darkroom 6 HoloHolo
Darkroom 6 AlbumAlbum
Darkroom 5DR 5P
Darkoom 5 LightDR 5L
Darkroom 5 DarkDR 5D
Darkroom 5 PridePride
Darkroom 5 AwakeAwake
Darkroom 5 M1M1
Darkroom 5 Black and WhitePanda
1 Bit1 Bit
Darkroom 4DR 4
Darkoom 4 LightDR 4L
Darkroom 3DR 3
Darkroom 2DR 2
Darkroom 1DR 1