Bikini Beach

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E117,521 Exports, 3,449 Installs
Add warmth, color, and film vibes in a single tap with this emulation of the E1 filter in VSCO by Brandon Lee
FF VELVIA Vivid Original
FF VELVIA Vivid 16,005 Exports, 3,377 Installs
Emulating Fujifilm by Manuel Babolin
Glass Pop IIOriginal
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Kodak PunchOriginal
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Emulating Fujifilm by Manuel Babolin
FF ASTIA SoftOriginal
FF ASTIA Soft5,521 Exports, 982 Installs
Emulating Fujifilm by Manuel Babolin
🎞️A5,065 Exports, 885 Installs
A saturated, warm, and grainy look that will give your shots a vintage feel.
Golden4,733 Exports, 820 Installs
Cinematic ProductOriginal
Cinematic Product4,345 Exports, 313 Installs
wop4,260 Exports, 411 Installs
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Perfect3,748 Exports, 395 Installs